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Welcome to the official website on the Siem Reap Angkor Union of Agricultural Cooperative (SRAUAC) which is a host center of the agricultural cooperatives in Siem Reap province. SRAUAC is members based institution with all agricultural cooperatives in Siem Reap province as the members.

Our members

Siem Reap Angkor Union of Agricultural Cooperative (SRAUAC) are those agricultural cooperatives located in Siem Reap province either legally registered or not yet registered.

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The establishment of the SRAUAC is possible with technical and funding from WEEFFECT and legal support from provincial department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries of Siem Reap.

This website is tended to give information to relevant working stakeholders in relation to cooperative movements as well as the cooperative platform for all cooperative members. Yet for commercial purpose, this website also intended to link products of the cooperatives to potential customers to improve the commercial capacity of the cooperative members.

SRAUAC is initiated in 2015 by Community Translation Organization (CTO) with the financial support from WEEFFECT and technical support from provincial department of agriculture of Siem Reap. A serial workshop and consultations were conducted among agricultural cooperatives in Siem Reap, department of agriculture of Siem Reap and ministry of agriculture.

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Our activities

Building other services

Build together a variety of services destined to farmers.

Financial Service

Bring a financial support to help in the development of communities.

Co-op capacity

Help everyday the cooperatives to grow up and become independent.

Credit Unions

Gather cooperatives to have more power with banks.

Research & Documentation

Make available tools necessary for the development of communities.


Build cooperatives in a free, just and united way.

Network & Advocacy

Connect cooperatives between them to be stronger group.


Develop together to help in the future.

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Cooperative leader is collecting maize for market

Bosleav Agriculture Cooperative is formed in 2008 with 65 members which supported by Co-operative Association of Cambodia (CAC). It has credit and saving activity and buys maize from the members put into stock for market in the better price. It collected around 50-100...

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Farmer gets loan for vegetable growning

Mr. Phok Sarom is a farmer who lives at Brochak village, Prey Mol commune. He borrowed 20 USD from Prey Mol credit union for gowing long bean and cucumber on his half-hectar of land. The loan is for three months. He sold his vegetables to the neighbors and midleman...

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Promotes concept of saving to the children

CAC teaches financial literacy and saving concepts to school children. Recently, training was conducted at Prey Mol and Kok Bamteay communes, Kampong Chnang province. Antasom commune, Takeo province. By teaching children how to save they learn about the importance of...

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